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17 Nov 2023

How to Block Apps' Internet on iOS 17

Mastering Internet, IP, and Host Blocking on iOS 17 with LetMeBe

The introduction of iOS 17 has brought a new level of control over how apps interact with the internet on our devices. This control is crucial for maintaining focus, conserving data, and enhancing privacy. However, to truly harness these capabilities, integrating with a specialized app like LetMeBe can be a game-changer. LetMeBe extends the native functionalities of iOS 17, offering comprehensive solutions for app internet blocking, IP blocking, and host blocking.

Deep Dive into iOS 17’s Internet Blocking Features

iOS 17 allows users to manage internet access on an app-by-app basis. This means you can restrict certain apps from accessing the internet, either entirely or under specific conditions like only when connected to Wi-Fi. This feature is invaluable for:

  • Minimizing Distractions: By limiting access to social media or news apps.
  • Data Conservation: Preventing apps from consuming mobile data in the background.
  • Privacy Protection: Stopping apps from sending data without your consent.

Enhancing Capabilities with LetMeBe

LetMeBe takes these functionalities further by offering:

  1. Advanced App Blocking: Beyond just internet access, LetMeBe allows you to completely block distracting apps during specified times.

  2. IP and Host Blocking: This is where LetMeBe truly shines. It allows you to block specific IPs and hosts, giving you a more granular control over your network traffic. This is especially useful for:

    • Avoiding Trackers: Preventing certain websites or services from tracking your online activities.
    • Enhancing Security: Blocking potentially harmful IPs or hosts that might pose security risks.
  3. Customizable Blocking Schedules: LetMeBe integrates seamlessly with iOS 17, allowing you to set custom schedules for app, IP, and host blocking based on your daily routine.

Setting Up LetMeBe on iOS 17

To get started with LetMeBe on iOS 17:

  1. Install LetMeBe: Download and install LetMeBe from the App Store.
  2. Configure App Blocking: Choose the apps you want to block and set schedules as needed.
  3. Set Up IP/Host Blocking: Input the specific IPs or hosts you wish to block.

Balancing Functionality and Control

While using LetMeBe in tandem with iOS 17’s features, consider:

  • App Dependencies: Some apps might need internet access for core functionalities.
  • Notification Management: Blocking apps or internet access might affect how you receive notifications.


The combination of iOS 17’s app internet blocking features with LetMeBe’s advanced IP and host blocking capabilities provides a robust solution for managing digital distractions, conserving data, and enhancing online privacy. By leveraging these tools, users can enjoy a more focused, secure, and efficient digital experience.

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