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10 Dec 2022

Block Custom Hosts And IPs on iOS


With the release of iOS LetMeBe version 4, iPhone and iPad users can now easily block the internet for specific hosts and IPs. This feature can come in handy for various reasons such as blocking malicious websites, avoiding distractions, or protecting your privacy.

Setting up custom host and IP blocking

Here’s how you can set up custom host and IP blocking using LetMeBe app 4:

  1. Open the app and go to the “Blocked IPs & Hosts” section.
  2. To add an IP or host to the blocklist, press the “+” button.
  3. Enter the IP or hostname you want to block and tap “Add”.
  4. To enable the blocking, toggle on the primary “Blocking status” switch.

Blocking internet access for specific apps

Another useful feature of LetMeBe app 4 is the ability to block the internet for specific apps. This can be useful for limiting the time you spend on social media or other apps that can be distracting. You can find this feature in the “Available Apps” and “My Apps” section of the app.


Overall, LetMeBe is a powerful tool for managing internet access on your iPhone or iPad. Whether you want to block malicious hosts and IPs, avoid distractions, or protect your privacy, this app has you covered. Give it a try and see how it can help you take control of your internet usage.