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01 Aug 2021

Restrict internet for iOS apps

Blocking the internet for apps on iOS

Restricting by Cellular Data

Probably you have researched methods of how to restrict apps on your iPhone from using the internet. At this moment (iOS 14.5), Apple allows you to limit the network connectivity of the apps by going to Settings -> Mobile Data and scroll your installed apps to switch the button and take them offline. But it’s a problem. This method applies only to cellular data plans, not to Wi-Fi connections.

The Background App Refresh method

By going to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh, you will also see a list of your apps to turn off the background refresh. But this method, in the best scenarios, will only limit a little bit the network traffic for that apps but not restricting their internet access. You can try this for WhatsApp, for example.

Block app internet on Wi-Fi and Cellular Data

This method implies combining the first method and the newest and safest technology provided for developers by Apple that takes us to the LetMeBe iOS app. With this technology, we offer you a simple app – based on a list of the most time-consuming and invasive apps at this moment and filter their network traffic locally. No accounts, no external data servers, only a lightweight app will help you take iOS apps offline. Now, you can block apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others; only by hitting a switch. The app was built by our engineers, going straight-forward to the problem without adding any fancy UX.

You can use the app for free by downloading it from the official App Store.

For any issues, contact us via our Contact page.